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Dan FeuerriegelGuilty ?? w @danielbetan #brandinphotography #betanstyle #bowtie | x

Guilty ?? w

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Agron + “I begin to question fucking plan.”

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You think I’m not a  g o d d e s s ?

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spartacus + parks and recreation

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Florida Supercon 2014.

Anonymous said: Agron loves it when other people see him and Nasir fucking, because he loves other people knowing what Nasir will let him do to him. I would prefer if Nasir is not aware that people are watching or is aware but does not get off on it. Maybe Agron fucks Nasir in the middle of the courtyard, silencing his protests. Or Agron fucks Nasir when it looks like it's in private but someone is there and Agron maintains eye contact with the person while he nastily fucks Nasir.

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crazzzedope said: TOP 5 NAGRON SEX POSITIONS (in details >:))



Where do I start? I have to think very critically about this… but really like every position is a good position with nagron because its them doing it… This is gonna get dirty fyi hold onto your butts.

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